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  • Assam Cong chief apologises for bringing up Lord Krishna in response to CM’s ‘love jihad’ claim | India News

Assam Cong chief apologises for bringing up Lord Krishna in response to CM’s ‘love jihad’ claim | India News

After drawing criticism for citing the Mahabharata in response to a claim of “love jihad” by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, state Congress chief Bhupen Borah apologised on Friday — saying his grandfather came to him in a dream and told him his words were wrong.

The Assam CM had once again claimed a case of “love jihad” earlier this week after a 24-year-old woman, Sanghamitra Ghosh, and her parents were killed by her 25-year-old husband, Nazibur Rahman Bora. Claiming that the incident showed that “love jihad” is “a reality”, he said that Nazibur had introduced himself to Sanghamitra on Facebook using a Hindu name and that he appealed to young women to “think many times” before marrying a person of another religion.

Reacting to this, Borah had Thursday said cross-marrying “is not a new thing” and that “there are many examples in history”.

“When Dhritarashtra wanted to marry Gandhari, no one from her family was in support of it… Lord Krishna also when he came to take Rukmini, Arjun came in the form of a woman,” he had said.

Sarma then warned that Borah would be arrested if an FIR were registered against him.

“We do not want to take the step of arresting people but if Lord Krishna is dragged into controversy, several ‘sanatani’ people will file cases in police stations and then how will I stop the police from taking action? If someone files a case against a person for making such comments, he will be arrested,” he said.

On Friday, Borah apologised for his comment, claiming that he had seen his grandfather in his dream the previous night.

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“He told me to go to a namghar in the morning and say a prayer that he taught me and light a lamp there. This morning, I went to the thapona (altar) in our house, there I lit a lamp and said a prayer,” he said, adding that he was not apologising out of fear of the CM but “so that the bhakat vaishnav and satradhikar (spiritual heads) don’t think wrong about me”.

Saying that some people were demanding that he not be allowed in namghar (Vaishnavite prayer halls), he said that he would rather these people demand that the Chief Minister kill him in an encounter.

“If that happens, my family will not file any case but I should not be stopped from going to the prayer hall,” he said.

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