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Ahmedabad traffic cop on preventing accidents, challenges faced | Ahmedabad News

How can the traffic police better prevent accidents?

Traffic works on five Es – engineering, education, enforcement, emergency services, and evaluation. In East Ahmedabad, we have closed many cuts, illegal cuts which have resulted in fewer fatal and serious accidents this year compared to the last. A majority of accidents in Ahmedabad are not head-on collisions but rear collisions, which happen due to lane switching, overtaking from the wrong side, and illegal parking. In parking, a major issue is that the plots given by AMC are in locations where there is no movement of people. People are not inclined to go and park there and then walk. Any particular junction has to be designed keeping the pedestrian as first priority. Road engineering improvements have helped us in dealing with traffic congestion too. Junctions have to be engineered compactly. Almost 27 per cent of accidents happen at junctions

What are some traffic law enforcement challenges?

The traffic police at junctions are occupied for managing the traffic movement and if they leave the junction for enforcement, there will be chaos.

This is a major issue we are facing. If the constable is not present at the junction, then people are not going to follow the signals as well. There is poor traffic sense (among Ahmedabad residents). We have approximately 600 personnel working in each of the two shifts and that’s an issue too. We have traffic brigade personnel managing junctions, where we have a workforce of around 2,000 personnel but there are issues of people not abiding by their instructions. Nobody’s ready to pay the penalty on challans directly and that too is a major issue since even a constable has the capacity to deal only with a certain number of people each day. Some big junctions also pose the challenge of how many people we deploy

Who makes up for the major chunk of traffic violators in Ahmedabad?

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We see youngsters who want to get famous on social media and for the sake of thrill. We see them doing stunts, endangering the life of others. We have taken action on videos that surfaced in the last six months.

Last month itself we lodged four cases of such stunt drivers who uploaded posts on social media, and also registered offenses against their parents also.

Drivers of two-wheelers and three-wheelers violate traffic rules and the most affected class of people in accidents are also pedestrians and two-wheelers.

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