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How Rihanna’s Beauty Routine Changed After Motherhood

Motherhood has also slightly changed Rihanna’s beauty routine when it comes to her eye area. Because, yes, even the superstar gets uninterrupted sleep.

“Rihanna has said she needs something to cover up that no-sleep,” Priscilla shared. “She loves the Pro Filt’r Concealer—that’s all we use. And I think that’s her number one issue when it comes to complexion is under-eye circles.”

But the key to faking a good night’s sleep goes beyond applying concealer, as the makeup artist noted setting it is just as important.

“We use Invisimatte, a blotting powder, as an under-eye setting powder before putting any loose powder,” Priscilla explained. “It sets it, but also smooths and blurs, so you’re not using as much of the other powder, which usually looks cakey. It makes your under eyes look so smooth and refined.”

She continued, “Riri can’t leave without her Invisimatte. She must have about 50 in her room because every time I do her makeup, I give her one for her touch-up bag.”

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