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Madonna Pens Sweet Tribute to Her Kids After Hospitalization

On July 27, she celebrated a major milestone—the 40th anniversary of the release of her debut, self-titled 1983 album. Madonna shared a video of herself dancing to one of its hit singles, “Lucky Star” in Instagram, writing, “To be able to move my body and dance just a little bit makes me feel like the Luckiest Star in the world! Thank you to all of my fans and friends! You must be my lucky stars too! And Happy 40th Birthday to my very. First Album.”

Her manager also celebrated the milestone with a tribute to the singer on his Instagram, writing, “40 years ago today July 27 ,1983 @madonna released her debut album..6 months later she was on American Bandstand where Dick Clark asked her what her hopes are for 1984 and beyond. A very confident Madonna answers: ‘To rule the world’.. and that she has…Shes definitely ruled my world..”

He added, “No matter the transportation, there is never ever a dull moment on the Madonna journey..Im grateful to my Lucky Star: Madonna for the ride of the lifetime.”

He also gave a shoutout to the singer’s supporters. “And most of all to the beautiful , dedicated and loving Madonna fans,” he wrote. “I cant wait to see many of you again very soon.. much love, guyo.”

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