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Air hostess makes a video of MS Dhoni sleeping on a flight, sparks debate on privacy | Trending News

Former India captain M S Dhoni has an immense fan following and enjoys a demigod status in the country. Thousands of fans line up for selfies wherever he goes. However, sometimes they do seem to cross the line when it comes to clicking photos with their idol.

A video of an IndiGo crew member making a video of Dhoni, the Chennai Super Kings skipper, while he was asleep on a flight is doing the rounds of the internet. The clip has divided opinion and prompted a debate on the privacy of celebrities and how their boundaries should be respected.

The 22-second video shows Dhoni taking a nap as his wife Sakshi Dhoni sits next to him. While Sakshi Dhoni is unaware of a video being recorded, the air hostess is seen grinning widely. A Twitter account named Chakri Dhoni (@ChakriDhoni17) shared the clip and wrote, “Cutest video of the day.”

Watch the video below:

“Pl don’t intrude the peace on the private life of a Very popular public figure. We must show respect for his life,” commented a user. “You make a video of anyone, it is necessary to ask that person,” another person wrote in Hindi. “Someone’s losing their job,” posted a third. “She’s invading the privacy of Dhoni and his wife, totally wrong,” another netizen said. “I’m sure Dhoni would not mind it…he’s way above all this…and for an airhostess flying most of the time…such moments are what make their day…cheers!! Love it,” another user expressed.

In June, another video of Dhoni prompted netizens to trend Candy Crush Saga on Twitter. Nitika Jaiswal, an air hostess, shared a video showing her offering a set of treats to Dhoni, who was on her flight. In the video, Dhoni graciously accepts a packet and politely returns the rest of them.

As this video raked in thousands of likes, many netizens noticed that Dhoni was playing a game of Candy Crush Saga on an iPad when Jaiswal approached him. Soon #CandyCrush began trending on Twitter as Dhoni fans tweeted about their favourite cricketer indulging in the popular game.

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