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  • EA says its College Football game is making ‘incredible progress’, but is still working through licensing

EA says its College Football game is making ‘incredible progress’, but is still working through licensing

EA has given an update on the state of its upcoming College Football game.

During a Q&A as part of its Q1 2024 earnings call, the publisher’s execs were asked for an update on the game’s progress.

CEO Andrew Wilson replied by saying the development team has “made some incredible progress”.

He added: “The team’s doing an incredible job building out what will be the future of College Football. Gameplay is really coming together, and really capturing all the action of pageantry, and the difference in college football versus the NFL. I feel really confident in what the team’s doing.

“We’re working through the licence situation broadly – as of now, we’ve got many if not most of the schools licensed as part of our licensing platform.

“We’ll continue to work with the various governing bodies of the sport in the country, and some key third-party partners we have, around how and when to include college athletes themselves into the game, and we’ll work very closely with them.

“But I’m confident that this will be an incredible re-emergence of that college football experience, that it will capture all the action and pageantry, driven by the schools and all that goes on with the schools in the context of this game.

“And I do believe that we’ll find a place where we can work in lockstep with the athletes for inclusion in the game as well.”

EA announced a new college football game in early 2021, causing its stock to hit an all-time high.

It’s been a decade since the last EA college football game. The company published 21 college football titles between 1993 and 2013, the last being NCAA Football 14.

The series served as a college counterpart to its annual Madden NFL series and generated tens of millions of unit sales, according to EA.

In 2021 it announced that development of EA Sports College Football was “just underway, with launch timing still to come as the project progresses in the years ahead”.