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Fitbit app to get a Google makeover: What’s new and what’s next | Technology News

The Fitbit app is getting a Google makeover this fall with a major redesign that aligns the app with Google’s own design language. The overhaul not only gives the app a fresh look but also reorganises the layout and presents user data in a new way.

To recall, Google completed the $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit back in 2019 and has since then been integrating its products and services with Fitbit’s. The redesign is likely a part of those efforts and makes it more obvious who owns Fitbit.

According to Google’s announcement on Tuesday, the Fitbit app will have a “simpler design and more motivating content.” The simplified design consists of three tabs at the bottom. A Today tab will show users all of their latest stats, a Coach tab will offer users “workouts and mindfulness sessions,” and a You tab will help users manage their account, community connections, personal progress, and more. The current version of the app, on the other hand, has four tabs.

Google also emphasised how users’ health data will be easier to track and information will be able to be logged in the mobile app even without using a Fitbit device.

Besides the layout changes, the new Fitbit has a more Google-like look now with larger elements, new icons, and a new colour palette. Google did not mention it, but it is possible that the update will also support dynamic wallpaper-based theming as part of Material You.

It is also worth noting that Google could be preparing for the Pixel Watch 2 announcement – the Fitbit app update will roll out at the same time as the launch of the watch.

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