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This unexpected shoe trend is taking over the internet, here’s how you can ace it | Fashion News

When you think of styling chunky 90’s grunge boots, you pair them with a leather jacket, full-length trousers or even dark jeans. But you would not expect to see these chunky boots with a beige silk dress or a summery ruffled midi dress. However, according to Katie Holmes‘ stylist Allison Bornstein, ‘the wrong shoe’ is precisely what you need to make the outfit right. As the name suggests, the wrong shoe does not fit traditionally with the rest of your outfit but ends up making your outfit more interesting.

Although celebrities like Cardi B have been using the ‘the wrong shoe’ theory for a long time, it has recently gained popularity on social media with TikTok videos describing the theory. Instead of opting for a pair of indoor slippers for a cute two-piece pyjama set, style it with stiletto heels.  And if you wear a tailored suit, dress it down with casual sneakers. To perfect ‘the wrong shoe’ trend, it’s all about adding an element of surprise to your outfit. You can also switch it up with mismatched patterns and unexpected colour combinations.

Take inspiration from your favourite celebrities to ace ‘the wrong shoe’ trend.

Cardi B is seen wearing DSquared2 heeled shoes with an orange skirt and top combo. This outfit has a lot of unexpected elements like the platform shoe and heel merger that creates a unique shoe, combined with a bright orange ensemble. Yet all of it seems to work together. Conventionally, you should pair the outfit with either pointed heels or traditional loafers to match the ‘formal look’, but this approach adds an interesting twist to the outfit.

Priyanka Chopra has worn this unexpected shoe trend on multiple occasions. Here she wears an all-grey outfit with heeled white leather boots. The chic grey dress is made of a thick fabric — very different from the leather boots, but it somehow works together — making the outfit look even better. The white boots not only elevate the outfit, but also add a pop of colour, extremely pleasing to the eye.

American model, author and actor Emily Ratajkowski is seen wearing cowboy boots with a sheer vintage Burberry dress. These trendy cowboy boots are making a huge comeback. While cowboy boots are usually seen in the countryside, Ratajkowski paired them with this sophisticated Burberry number that has an asymmetrical hemline. Although she is not the first to wear the cowboy boots and dress combo, it seems to have become a popular Gez Z trend online on TikTok and Instagram. The combo really works well together and breaks the monotony.

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