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Apex Legends Season 18 Revenant changes detailed, launch date confirmed

Respawn has outlined the 18th season of Apex Legends content.

Titled Apex Legends: Resurrection, the new season will roll out on August 8 and bring with it a complete rework of one of the game’s most popular characters, Revenant

The revamp of Revenant has been teased for some time, especially during season 17. Now the character is in line to receive a refresh designed to to bring the popular legend back into contention with the more meta-friendly characters in the game.

In the new update, Revenant receives a new passive ability known as Assassin’s Instinct. This means that he now moves significantly faster when crouched and has an increased wall climbing speed.

Revenant’s other new ability – and arguably the most useful – is the power to see low-health enemies that are nearby, through the environment, and mark them for their teammates.

While the amount of time that players will be highlighted is limited, there are currently no plans to limit just how many low-health players Revenant can spot, although it’s been suggested this will be monitored for balance reasons.

Replacing Silence is the new Shadow Pounce ability which, as the name suggests, will see Revenant close great distances between himself and his enemy in order to close out a low-health enemy. This new move is designed to combine with his passives to make him a more formidable pick in Apex Legends.

In order to give everyone a chance to experience the changes for themselves, Respawn has announced that Revenant will be free for all players for the duration of Season 18.