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Inside Tom Brady’s Life After Football & Divorce From Gisele Bündchen

Unlike the first time, in 2022, when reports of his retirement turned out to be greatly exaggerated, Brady announced Feb. 1, “I’m retiring, for good.” He wouldn’t be “long-winded,” he promised, since “you only get one super emotional retirement essay, and I used mine up last year.”

Calling it a career after winning a record seven Super Bowl rings, he finally found “a little more time to do some other things,” he told E! in June.

Top of mind for him at that moment, however, was that it happened to be the last day of school for Ben and Vivian—each of whom, he’d found out that morning, had grown 2 inches in two months. “It’s the individual moments that you share with the kids,” Brady marveled. “I remember those moments with my parents, when I was under their roof, and they were able to shape me into the person I ended up becoming.” 

At the same time, he wanted his children to “grow up as their own unique individuals, with their own unique traits,” Brady noted. “They’re going to contribute into the world in the way that they see fit, and certainly not the way that their mom or dad see.”

“They’ve got some fun things planned with me and their mom, to travel to different parts of the world,” he said of their then-upcoming summer vacation. On the home front, he still had to “take care of some professional responsibilities, things I’m looking forward to in the fall,” Brady said. “There’s still a lot on my plate, it’s not going to be a super-chill summer, but there’ll be enough fun in between some work commitments.”

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