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Lego Animal Crossing sets are coming next year, Lego insiders claim

The next big video game series to get the Lego toy treatment may be Animal Crossing, according to new reports.

The claim was originally posted on Instagram by Lego leaker exabrickslegogo_ and was then backed up by YouTuber Brick Clicker.

It relates to five sets which have been discovered on Brickmerge, a site which runs a bot that discovers new Lego sets as soon as they’re listed.

Although Brickmerge simply lists the sets by their product numbers – which run from 77046 to 77050 – and provides no further information, it’s since been claimed by leakers such as exabrickslegogo_ that they’re Animal Crossing sets.

If true, the five sets will be priced as follows:

  • Set 77046 – $14.99 (170 pieces)
  • Set 77047 – $19.99 (164 pieces)
  • Set 77048 – $29.99 (233 pieces)
  • Set 77049 – $39.99 (389 pieces)
  • Set 77050 – $74.99 (535 pieces)

It’s also claimed that the sets will be released in March 2024, and that the character minifigs will have special moulded heads (like the Lego Sonic and Simpsons minifigs), instead of standard Lego heads.

Lego has seen success with its Super Mario line of Lego playsets, as well as its more advanced Lego builds including its Lego NES, Mario Question Block and Bowser sets.

It’s also released sets for other video game franchises, including Horizon Forbidden West, the Atari 2600 and Pac-Man.

A new range based on Sonic the Hedgehog was released this week, and over 100 Lego sets based on Minecraft have been released since the first in 2012.