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Baldur’s Gate 3: Every Class Ranked Worst to Best For Combat

Sorcerers’ incredible high-end damage potential and surprisingly useful utility abilities allow make them one of the best overall ranged/casting damage options in the game. They won’t be for everyone, but their power is undeniable. 

3. Fighter

I can’t imagine anyone is surprised to see the Fighter class near the top of a combat-focused list. If anything, you may be wondering why Fighters aren’t at the very top of this list. Well, it really comes down to personal preferences and a few factors I’ll dive into a bit more later in this list.

But yeah, Fighters are a sight to behold in most combat situations. Actually, Fighters are probably the closest thing you’ll get to a “cheat” combat class (at least in the early parts of the game). They’re easy to learn, they’re tough, they hit hard, and they can easily perform multiple actions every turn via a variety of abilities. Honestly, their ability to get so much mileage out of any turn may be reason enough to roll a Fighter and never look back if you’re mostly worried about combat.

Hell, you can even make a ranged Fighter viable if the urge to do so strikes your fancy. Unlike some other versatile classes that ultimately suffer from having too many options available to them, the Fighter’s shocking collection of combat options allows them to effectively contribute to the many fights you will inevitably get into in Baldur’s Gate 3

2. Paladin

Even in the earliest stages of the game, Paladins are tanky healers that have little trouble staying alive and keeping others on their feet. If you’ve ever played an RPG (especially an RPG like Baldur’s Gate 3), you’ll understand why that combination of skills is so valuable in most combat situations. 

So what separates Paladins from Clerics? Well, aside from obvious skill/build differences, Paladins are certainly more durable, and they don’t technically have access to quite as many healing/support abilities (or spell slots). However, that potential drawback is more than made up for by the fact that Paladins have access to powerful party-wide healing abilities that allow you to top your companions off while absorbing an impressive number of blows. 

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