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Sophia Bush Reflected on “Spiritual” Work Away From Home Before Split

Sophia Bush recently went through a transformative experience. 

Weeks before filing for divorce from husband Grant Hughes, the One Tree Hill alum reflected on a different emotional journey: making her stage debut in London’s 2:22 A Ghost Story.

“I can only describe the calling I felt to join the 2:22 A Ghost Story company as a spiritual one,” she wrote on Instagram July 21. “The pull toward this story & this cast was perhaps was the most intense I’ve felt in my career & the reward of being up on the boards every night was greater than I could have anticipated.” 

However, Sophia, 41, was “crushed” that she ultimately had to pull out of the show early and fly back home to the United States due to an illness. 

“It’s devastating to say goodbye to an experience that’s been so incredibly fulfilling, both artistically & personally,” the actress wrote. “Being a part of this company put me back in my body and in my soul. I was reminded, on a cellular level, of why I do this job & how much I love acting. I crossed an ocean to come home to myself.” 

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