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Did You Know These Celebrities Were Roommates?

Future famous roommate wanted.

Okay, not everyone is so lucky to share living quarters with a future celebrity before they became a household name. But a few household names once saved on rent by bunking together.

For exampleConnie Britton and Lauren Graham once shared a house without any furniture before they played two of TV’s most iconic moms, while Penn Badgley used to borrow his housemate Milo Ventimiglia‘s I.D. to get into bars. Hello, underage you. 

And some famous folks still roomed together even after landing their breakout roles, like Gossip Girl co-stars Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick, who were spotted living together in NYC while filming the iconic series, and BFFs Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart, who shared a place even when they weren’t shooting Riverdale.  

Oh, and can you imagine Channing Tatum throwing a house party with a Vanderpump Rules alum? Well, it happened and we are still bummed we didn’t get an invite. 

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