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Best British TV Shows of 2023 (So Far)


Stream on: Disney+ (UK); Hulu (US)

Not since Misfits has the superhero genre met adult comedy with such enjoyable results. Extraordinary is Emma Moran’s sweary, grown-up fantasy series about a world in which (almost) everybody develops a superpower on their 18th birthday. Turning back time, communing with the dead, super-strength… you name it, someone has it. Apart, that is, from 25-year-old Jen, a late-developer still waiting to discover her special something.

Raucous, rude, and funny with just a little bit of heart, this London-set series makes an excellent binge. And as a bonus for Derry Girls fans, it stars Sister Michael herself, Siobhan McSweeney. Series two is already on the way.

Taskmaster Series 15

Stream on: Channel 4 (UK only)

If you’re not on the Taskmaster train yet, take our word that there isn’t a more reliably funny show on television. Every series, five comedians are set a series of weird, creative and entirely pointless challenges by the show’s creator Alex Horne, and their performance is then judged by the Taskmaster Greg Davies. That premise barely touches on the laughs contained within – Taskmaster’s not just a TV show, it’s a repository for joy.

Series 15 was arguably the show’s best cast yet. Frankie Boyle joined Jenny Eclair (if you need lessons in having fun, look no further than her), Ivo Graham, Mae Martin and instant favourite Kiell Smith-Bynoe. Stupid, absurd and an hour a week you can count on to escape everything, get on board. And best of all – Series 16 featuring Julian Clary, Sue Perkins and more, will be here later this year!

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