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  • Five people including 2 cops injured in acid attack on Tripura police vehicle | India News

Five people including 2 cops injured in acid attack on Tripura police vehicle | India News

At least five people including two policemen were injured after acid was thrown at a police vehicle carrying three people accused of assaulting a tea garden worker at Simna in Tripura’s West Tripura district, 40 km from Agartala, on Monday.

Speaking to, Assistant Inspector-General Jyotishman Das Chowdhury said that Santanu Goala and Suraj Bauri—from the Simna tea estate—were detained by a few locals on suspicion of being rubber thieves on Sunday. They later detained a third person, Chandan Debnath, on suspicion of being hand in gloves with them.

Das said that the police reached the place, rescued the trio and took them to the local police station, from where they were released on Monday morning. However, a group of people from the estate reached Debnath’s rubber shop at the Simna market and allegedly assaulted Prantosh Das, Subir Das and Kajal Das, who live in the area.

According to the police, a hand-to-hand scuffle ensued when they intervened and someone hurled a bottle of acid into the melee.

However, locals said that a man from the tea estate was assaulted by some people at the Simna market on suspicion of being a thief on Sunday. Some people from the estate allegedly attacked the homes of Subir Das, Prantosh Das and Kajal Das on Monday, accusing them of involvement in the assault on the day before.

Though the police rescued the trio, their vehicle came under attack when it was stopped at the Simna market and an acid bottle was hurled at it.

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One of those who were being taken in the police vehicle, however, said, “I was in the market when people were thrashing a thief in the market yesterday. I did not assault him. His supporters came to the Simna tea estate and assaulted all of us including my pregnant wife. The police came and took three of us in their car. The vehicle was stopped at the Simna market by a group of around 150 people. Someone threw an acid bottle at the vehicle and we were injured.”

A Special Police Officer told reporters that there were four policemen in the vehicle. “Some people obstructed the vehicle at the Simna market and threw acid inside the vehicle. We heard there was some scuffle yesterday among these people. Our men came under attack while we were transporting them,” he said.

The police said a suo motu case was being registered.

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