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Meghan Markle, Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht: Where Are The Suits Cast Now

Gabriel Macht | Suits

Gabriel Macht

Before he was cast as “best closer in the city” Harvey Specter on Suits, Gabriel Macht was likely best known for his role as the title character in 2008’s neo-noir superhero movie The Spirit. Since Suits wrapped in 2019, however, Macht has taken an extended break from acting, aside from appearing in one season of spinoff series Pearson. While Macht hasn’t used the word “retirement,” it’s clear that he’s currently enjoying some time off with his family.

Shortly after Suits wrapped, Macht told TV Insider “I have a real sense of freedom having now finished it. And I’m happy. I feel I’ve put some creative good into the world and now I want to put some creative heart, more focus and energy into [being with] my wife and my family.”

Patrick J. Adams | Suits

Patrick J. Adams

Befitting his Suits character’s status as an out-of-nowhere underdog, Patrick J. Adams didn’t have many prominent roles before he became legal genius Michael Ross. That’s not to say that his C.V. was empty – quite the contrary, in fact, with bit roles in everything from Friday Night Lights to Lost. He just didn’t yet have a chance to shine like Suits provided.

Now Adams’ post-Suits career has been just as busy and has featured more spots on the top of call sheets. Adams joined the cast of Sneaky Pete as Stefan Kilbane in 2019. The year after he played John Glenn in Disney+ series The Right Stuff. 2022 saw the actor pop up in the movie The Swearing Jar and the Prime Video adaptation of A League of Their Own.

Rick Hoffman | Suits

Rick Hoffman

Few actors have appeared in more TV procedurals than Rick Hoffman. Before joining the ranks of Suits as junior partner Louis Litt in season 1, Hoffman had already enjoyed roles in similar shows such as Crossing Jordan, The Practice, CSI: NY, Law & Order: SVU, Leverage, and more Hey, if you’ve got Resting Lawyer Face, put it to your advantage.

Hoffman’s career after Suits has been unusually quiet for such a prolific TV presence. He stopped by Showtime’s Billions for a recurring role in 2020 and will be seen next in Eli Roth’s slasher Thanksgiving.

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