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Monsoon Session Begins Today, As Opp plans to raise price rise, farm issues, Govt says read to discuss all | Lucknow News

The monsoon session of the Assembly is set to begin on Monday with the Opposition planning to raise the issue of rise in prices of essential commodities, especially food, and the issues concerning farmers. The BJP-ruled government, on the other hand, said that it was ready to debate and discuss all the issues.

At the all-party meeting held in the presence of Speaker Satish Mahana at Vidhan Bhawan on Sunday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said: “Meaningful discussions should be done in this in the House. Instead of making accusations against each other, suggestions should come for the solution… I assure you that the government will participate in every discussion and give a positive reply and will try to find out a solution according to your suggestions.”

Speaker Satish Mahana also sought the support of all the political parties for the smooth functioning of the House.

Earlier in the day, BSP chief Mayawati asked the government to “show responsibility” on issues of public interest during the monsoon session.

“The government should show special responsibility in the monsoon session… regarding the important issues of public interest like rising inflation, poverty, unemployment and the bad condition of roads, electricity, water, peace and security etc., as the life of common people is affected because of these issues,” said Mayawati.

Emphasising the need for the Opposition to make the government accountable on the issues of public concern, Mayawati said, “In order to set accountability of the government on the issue of public interest, public welfare and development, the Opposition will have to force them under the rules to present only facts in the House instead of diverting them.”

While Samajwadi Party chief and Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, Akhilesh Yadav, did not attend the all-party meeting, he held a meeting of his party legislatures later in the day. SP chief whip Manoj Pandey said, “Farmers are in trouble due to less rainfall in parts of the state, undeclared power cuts, rise in the price of vegetables and youths are upset due to unemployment. The SP will raise all such public-centric issues in the House.”

“There are burning issues like inflation, poverty, women’s security, unemployment. This double-engine government has not done anything for education… we are going to raise all these issues,” said SP MLA Ragini Sonkar, who attended the party legislature meeting.

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Earlier in the day, during the business advisory committee meeting, it was decided that all those members, who have not participated in the debate even once would be given time to speak on August 8, the second day of the five-day session.

CM Adityanath said there were nearly 52 new members who have not spoken in the House so far. “They will be given an opportunity this time, and it should be taken positively by all the parties,” he said.

“We may belong to different parties but we have the same objective. With that view, every member would have some new idea for UP. Expression of these ideas helps in drawing future strategy,” the CM added.

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