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Let’s Make a Deal Host Wayne Brady Comes Out as Pansexual

Wayne Brady is opening up about his sexuality.

The Let’s Make a Deal host shared that he identifies as pansexual, which means he is attracted to a person regardless of their sex or gender.

“I am pansexual,” Wayne told People in an interview published Aug. 7. “Bisexual—with an open mind!”

 As for how his self-discovery came about? “In doing my research, both with myself and just with the world, I couldn’t say if I was bisexual, because I had to really see what that was, especially because I really have not gotten a chance to act on anything,” the 51-year-old shared. “So, I came to pansexual because—and I know that I’m completely messing up the dictionary meaning—but to me, pan means being able to be attracted to anyone who identifies as gay, straight, bi, transsexual or non-binary.”

He added, “Being able to be attracted across the board. And, I think, at least for me for right now, that is the proper place. I took pan to mean that not only can I be attracted to any of these people or types physically, but I could be attracted to the person that is there.”

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