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Barbie 2 Could Return Creative Power to Stars Like Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

Look at one of the more famous cases: Marvel Studios. The company initially signed Robert Downey Jr. to a five-picture deal to play Tony Stark/Iron Man, although his deal was later revamped—to great financial gain for RDJ—to include more films. Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan inked nine-picture deals to play Nick Fury and Bucky Barnes respectively while Marvel tied Chris Evans up for six movies as Steve Rogers/Captain America (later adding a seventh).

Any major franchise—Star Wars, DC, James Bond—will do the same thing. It’s practically unheard of for the creatives involved in bringing a major intellectual property to the screen to not sign multi-picture deals. And while those deals often include pay raises, bonuses, and the like, they may not always be commensurate with the amount of money a film ends up making.

Did Robbie, Gerwig, and the boys decline to sign deals because they were not interested in returning at all or because they wanted to see how the movie opened first and use that as leverage? That’s unknown. Both are risky propositions, but the latter gamble could certainly pay off now. With Barbie successful on a level that no one quite saw coming, the principal talent could hold out for massive sums to reunite for Barbie 2.

This could change the way such deals are made in Hollywood, giving studios another issue to grapple with (in addition to their own greed and disrespect for talent prolonging these strikes unnecessarily). Sure, lesser-known or up-and-coming actors—think Tom Holland when he signed as Spider-Man—may not have the power to turn down multi-picture options, but it’s possible that more established actors and outright stars could hold out on multi-picture deals in order to dictate terms one movie at a time.

This arrangement could also create the opportunity for in-demand directors and stars, like the pairing of Gerwig and Robbie, to have increased creative control over sequels. Consider how much harder it would be now for WB to dictate what is off limits in the plot of Barbie 2 after how the first film played.

Does Making Barbie 2 Even Make Sense Though?

If Warner Bros. could entice Robbie, Gerwig, and Gosling back that brings up another issue: What would a Barbie 2 look like? In our view, perhaps the creatives don’t want to necessarily return because they told a complete story in the first film. As Barbie ends, Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie has gone on a journey of self-discovery and decided to become human and live in the real world while everyone back in Barbieland has begun their own mission to improve life for Barbies, Kens, and other dolls alike.

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