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  • Sony says the reaction to its price drop has been ‘weak’ in the UK

Sony says the reaction to its price drop has been ‘weak’ in the UK

Sony has said that its recent PS5 price cut hasn’t yet led to the reaction it had hoped for in the UK.

As transcribed by SeekingAlpha, Sony COO Hiroki Totoki said during the company’s recent financial call: “By regions, currently in Japan, the sales are strong, and the same holds true for Asia. In North America, the response to the promotion has been quite favorable. In United Kingdom, it’s a bit weak, but Europe as a whole has been performing quite well.”

Elsewhere during the call, Totoki reportedly said: “PS5 hardware sales were 3.3 million units [for the first quarter], a significant increase of 38% year-on-year.

“This amount is somewhat less than the expected progress toward our fiscal year sales target of 25 million units. But due to the promotion which began in July, we are seeing an improvement in the momentum of sales.

“We have positioned the accelerated penetration of PS5 hardware as one of the highest priorities in this fiscal year, and we will try to work steadily to implement necessary measures to achieve hardware sales target.

“Towards the end of the calendar year, the first party title Marvel Spider-Man 2 and major third-party titles are scheduled to be released as well. And we expect that the entire gaming industry and the PS platform will be greatly energized.”

According to GfK data (via GamesIndustry) the PS5 has seen another surge in sales this week in the UK, largely thanks to the console’s aforementioned ongoing promotional pricing offer. This year, PS5 unit sales are 73% up for the first 31 weeks of the year and account for 47% of all consoles sold this year.