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Zombieverse Cast: Netflix Reality Series Contestants Ranked by Relatability

Zombieverse - Noh Hong-chul

10. Noh Hong-chul

Noh Hong-chul is a mainstay of the Korean variety show format, known for his co-hosting duty on Talents for Sale, as well as appearances on wildly popular variety shows Infinite Challenge and I Live Alone. The 44-year-old’s biggest international claim to fame comes from his cameo in Psy’s “Gangnam Style” music video, which is considered one of the first viral internet hits and also a major moment in the history of Hallyu. In the video, Noh is seen doing his trademark jeojil dance; he is seen thrusting his pelvis above Psy in an elevator. Classic.

Hong-chul definitely had his moments of relatability in Zombieverse—notable examples include when he requested green grape-flavored candy and “the sweet [cereal] with the tiger” during a supermarket dash—but, ultimately, his willingness to literally push his co-contestants into the arms of zombies made it hard to relate to the goofy reality TV star. Pop culture often depicts greed as more realistic than camaraderie, but I’m not buying it. 

Zombieverse - Park Na-rae

9. Park Na-rae

Park Na-rae is a 37-year-old Korean comedian and variety show celebrity best known for her appearances on shows like I Live Alone. In 2019, her stand-up comedy special Park Na-rae: Glamour Warning was released on Netflix. She also appeared as a guest in Netflix’s first attempt at a Korean variety show hit Busted!. She has also appeared on K-dramas like Modern Farmer, Msaengmul, and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Na-rae is probably the cast member who provides the most consistent energy throughout the series. Despite being in recovery from surgery for her torn ACL, Na-rae is always in on the action—verbally, physically. She’s not here to die, and will do whatever she has to in order to ensure her survival, even if it means pointing the finger at someone else. Ultimately, I have trouble relating to the sheer degree of Na-rae’s energy during the zombie apocalypse. 

Zombieverse - Tsuki

8. Tsuki

If you’re a screamer, Tsuki is probably your Zombieverse audience surrogate. The 20-year-old Japanese singer, best known as a member of MYSTIC Story girl group Billlie, is often a sweet and comforting presence on the Zombieverse team. In “Episode 1,” when the cast members are first trying to decide who will leave the relative safety of the production van to pump gas, Tsuki immediately volunteers. It’s probably best she doesn’t end up having to go on the mission. When she is outside of the car, she runs, screaming, around the gas station parking lot, immediately (and mostly unintentionally) drawing the zombies to her location. Ultimately, I cannot relate to Tsuki’s commitment to immaculate makeup in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, though I can relate to her vocal love of ramyeon.

Zombieverse - DEX

7. DEX

If you’re a Single’s Inferno fan, then you may have recognized DEX as Jin-young, the former UDT soldier-heartbreaker who could have dated any of the female contestants in season 2 and, instead, ruined his chances with all of them. How much you relate to DEX, as Jin-young is called in Zombieverse, is probably directly related to how invested you were in Single’s Inferno season 2. The 28-year-old is actually pretty relatable in Zombieverse as a lowkey team player. However, as someone who is highly invested in Single’s Inferno, I cannot stop seeing DEX as the charming yet messy hunk of the second season.

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