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Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Fighter Subclass Options, Ranked

However, the Fighter’s other subclasses are not only remarkably consistent but far more dynamic. They offer at least as much top-end damage potential as well as a greater array of abilities that tend to be more useful in more situations. Champion Fighters are best reserved for those looking to maximize their critical strikes. Everyone else has better options.

2. Eldritch Knight

As the name suggests, the Eldritch Knight subclass allows Fighters to access various magical abilities that they would otherwise never be able to use. Specifically, they acquire two Cantrips and three Level 1 Wizard abilities as soon as you choose this subclass option. At higher levels, Eldritch Knights unlock even more spells as well as the powerful ability to deal a weapon attack as a bonus action after using a Cantrip.

Truth be told, I briefly considered ranking Eldritch Knights last on this list. Fighters are obviously not known for their magical abilities, and picking this subclass won’t necessarily change that fact. If you really want to go that route, you might be better off building a battlemage using the game’s multiclass functionality.

However, there is something to be said for the way this subclass allows you to retain all of the things that make Fighters the dynamic combat machines they’re meant to be while occasionally accessing an array of generally useful spells. It allows you to get a taste of that Battlemage lifestyle without having to invest in Multiclass leveling points, which at least makes it more appealing than the Champion subclass in many situations.

1. Battle Master

The Battle Master isn’t just the Fighter’s most powerful subclass option; it’s arguably the most entertaining.

Battle Master Fighters gain access to a small selection of optional abilities that let you do everything from trip an enemy to grant your allies extra Hit Points. At Level 3, you’re able to choose three of these incredibly powerful abilities. By Level 11, though, you’ll have access to seven of those abilities as well as enhanced Superiority Dice rolls.

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