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Hogwarts Legacy Brooms: How To Get All Brooms

In Hogwarts Legacy, flying around the world on a broom is one of the most efficient ways to cover the large world map.

The broomis an iconic mode of transport in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so thankfully, Hogwarts legacy doesn’t hide it away from you for too long, meaning you can quickly zoom around the Scottish highlands seeking out all the mysteries of the open world.

But how do you get every Hogwarts Legacy broom? Read our guide to find out.


We updated the Hogwarts Legacy Brooms guide with more information on how to collect every broom in the game.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Your first broom

Hogwarts Legacy Brooms: How To Get All Brooms

After you begin The First Keeper Trial, which is a main quest that you’ll be directed to as you play through the main game, you’ll be directed to your first flying lesson.

Go to the lawn next to the school, and you’ll be directed by Madam Kogawa to fly through some rings, which take you around the school.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll then be able to travel to Hogsmeade in order to buy your first broom. You have a few options for your first broom, more of which open up as you play through the game.

Sadly no Nimbus 2000s or Firebolts, but there are plenty of cosmetic options for how you’d like your broom to look, some of which even change depending on which house you’re in, as they use your house colors as a base.

While there aren’t any other flying lessons from Madam Kogawa, she is able to teach you a few spells if you stick to her assignments, more of which will unlock as you play through the main quests.

You’ll also notice that once you’re able to fly, balloons will appear above certain landmarks on the world map. You can pop these for experience points.

Hogwarts Legacy Broom Flying: How to upgrade the broom

During Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have the chance to upgrade the broom a few times, although it’s pretty expensive.

We have guides on Hogwarts Legacy Broom upgrades and how much each upgrade costs.

Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get All Brooms

Hogwarts Legacy features 13 broomsticks that can be purchased around the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Spintwitches Sporting Needs brooms

You can find Spintwitches Sporting Needs in the center Hogsmeade. You’ll find five of the brooms here, which cost around 500 gold for each of them.

  • Ember Dash Broom
  • Hogwarts House Broom
  • Moon Trimmer Broom
  • The Wind Wisp Broom
  • Yew Weavers Broom
Roaming vendor brooms

There are several roaming vendors in Hogwarts Legacy that also have brooms that you need to purchase in order to complete the full collection.

  • Silver Arrow Broom  – Across the river from the South Hogwarts floo location
  • Aeromancer Broom – To the west of Marunweem Bridge
  • Family Antique Broom – Irondale Battle Arena
  • Sky Scythe Broom – South of Hogsmeade.
Challenge brooms

The final set of brooms in the game can only be acquired by completing challenges that you’ll find in the field guide. The main one is to pop the balloons that can be found around certain areas of the map. If you’ve flown around you the world, you can’t miss them. The rewards are:

  • Lickety Swift Broom
  • Night Dancer Broom
  • Wild Fire Broom
  • The Bright Spark Broom