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Roblox plans to start interviewing future candidates in Roblox itself

Roblox has announced plans to conduct some of its future job interviews in the Roblox platform itself.

The company has launched the Roblox Career Center, a “3D immersive experience where you can learn about Roblox on Roblox”.

According to a new blog post by vice president of talent acquisition Jason Buss, the Career Center lets “early career candidates” learn what it’s like working at Roblox by using the product itself.

The experience is aimed at users who are just starting on their career path. It aims to appeal to those who may have used Roblox while growing up (because they can use a familiar interface to visualise working at the company) as well as those who have never used Roblox before (because it lets them try out the product).

The Career Center includes numerous rooms, including the Innovation Lab, where Buss says “they can learn about our innovative product roadmap and listen to stories directly from our employees”.

It also includes a Podcast Lounge, where they can listen to Roblox’s Tech Talks podcasts, as well as a Library with reading materials for interview preparation and a room dedicated to letting users practice the sort of problem-solving assessments that will appear in actual interviews.

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“Coming soon,” Buss says, “we’ll be inviting candidates to conduct certain initial interviews directly within the experience.”

Explaining why the Career Center was launched, Buss explains: “While ideal from an engagement standpoint, traditional in-person recruiting has its limitations. There are only so many universities and prospective candidates that our recruiting team can engage with in person.

“The Roblox Career Center enables us to reach early career candidates across the world — eliminating geographic constraints from the recruiting process and avoiding all that’s lacking in static recruiting approaches, such as web pages and video conferencing meetings.”