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The Lollipop Chainsaw remake has a new name, but is delayed to 2024

The final name for the upcoming remake of Lollipop Chainsaw has been officially announced, but it comes alongside news of a delay.

A new tweet by developer Dragami Games confirms that the game will be named Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP.

When he originally announced the remake back in July 2022, Dragami Games founder Yoshimi Yasuda said the game would be released in 2023.

However, Dragami’s latest tweet also announces that the remake has now been delayed to summer 2024 for “the best gaming experience”.

Yasuda was previously the CEO of Kadokawa Games, which published Grasshopper Manufacture titles Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead in Japan. He was also executive producer on both titles.

In May 2022  it was announced that Yasuda would be leaving Kadokawa and be establishing his new company, Dragami Games. It was later revealed that the Lollipop Chainsaw remake was to be one of the company’s first projects.

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In a statement posted on Twitter last year, Yasuda said: “Unfortunately, various factors resulted in things making it so that fans can no longer easily play Lollipop Chainsaw, and it has been some time since players have not been able to access the game on current consoles.

“We, the original development staff on Lollipop Chainsaw, think of the game as very precious to us, and did not want to leave it in limbo, where players who want to play it cannot.”

The original game’s creative director Suda 51 and its co-writer James Gunn have both confirmed that they aren’t involved in the remake.

“I neither endorse nor condemn it,” Gunn said in a tweet last year. “I simply don’t know anything about it. But as articles are starting to slap our names on there, I think it’s important to make clear no one ever approached us about it.”