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Android users may soon enjoy a feature Apple users have been enjoying for years | Technology News

Apple users often talk about how seamless connectivity is across the ecosystem. Users can easily switch between their iPhone, iPad, and Mac for various tasks, such as making and receiving calls, sharing files, and using apps.

However, Android users may soon also enjoy similar features that will let them link their various Android devices together, according to a report by Android Authority. The report cites Android expert Mishaal Rahman, who posted about the potential feature on Twitter. Rahman claims that Google is working on a feature that will allow Android devices that are signed into the same Google account to communicate with each other.

This could enable features like “Call Switching”, which allows users to jump between connected devices during calls, and “Internet Sharing”, which could be an easier way to quickly set up a personal hotspot across the linked devices. The report speculates that the “Link Your Devices” menu will appear under Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing in the device settings once the feature is officially released.

Google has not yet announced the Android device linking feature, nor has it given any indication of when it might be available. However, if real, it could be a useful feature for Android users who own multiple devices and want to enjoy a more seamless experience across them.

The report also notes that Google’s “Call Switching” feature could be more advanced than Apple’s “iPhone Mobile Calls” feature, which allows users to make and receive iPhone calls from Apple devices like Macs and iPads signed into the same Apple ID. But Apple’s feature doesn’t let you transfer calls from one iPhone to another.

Meanwhile, the wording for Google’s “Call Switching” feature suggests that it could be used to switch between different Android devices, including phones.

It remains to be seen how well Google’s Android device linking feature will work in practice and whether it will be compatible with all Android devices or only certain ones. However, it is clear that Google is trying to catch up with Apple in terms of offering a more connected and convenient ecosystem for its users.

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