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Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Warlock Build

However, we can further enhance Eldritch Blast’s power through the use of the Agonizing Blast Invocation at Level 2. That ability adds the Warlock’s Charisma modifier to Eldritch Blast as bonus damage. Given that Warlocks typically boast incredibly high Charisma scores (especially in this build), it’s fairly easy to turn a seemingly basic Cantrip into a beam of pure death. Well, beams of pure death, technically, since you can eventually hit a single target with multiple Eldritch Blast strikes. 

Typically, Eldritch Blast is kept in check by the Warlock’s other class features (or lack thereof). While Warlocks can use Eldritch Blast every turn, their lack of easily accessible bonus actions prevents them from spamming the ability multiple times a turn. Furthermore, Warlocks’ other damage-dealing abilities typically aren’t as strong as what the other casters gain access to. Many pure Warlock builds will rely on companions, Eldritch Blasts, and debuffs to earn their spot in BG 3’s limited parties. 

Fortunately, we can negate those two notable downsides by choosing to multiclass into the Sorcerer class. 

The early goal with this build is to get to Level 5 and acquire the Quickened Spell Metamagic ability. For those who don’t know, Quickened Spell allows a Sorcerer to cast a spell that usually costs an Action as a Bonus Action instead. So, for the cost of a few measly Sorcery Points, it easily lets Warlocks cast Eldritch Blast multiple times in a single turn. That’s quite good. 

However, things get even better when you unlock Elemental Affinity: Fire and Fireball. Elemental Affinity allows you to add a Charisma Modifier to your Fire Spells. To be more specific, it buffs the powerful AoE damage ability, Fireball, which we can actually cast multiple times with the other abilities we’re taking in this build. When using Haste (more on that in a second), you can cast a powerful Fireball three times in a single turn, and then fall back on your also powerful Eldritch Blast strikes for subsequent turns without having to worry about spell slots. On top of that, you can still utilize your remaining Sorcerer Spells as well as the unique Warlock spell abilities (which can be reset with a Short Rest).

And that’s why this build is so special. Typically, Sorcerers would have to rely on lesser spells after casting that expensive opening salvo of Fireballs. Now, they get to fall back on an enhanced version of the powerful Eldritch Blast ability. Typically, Warlocks would need to rely on a lesser form of Eldritch Blast for most of their damage. Now, they not only buff their Eldritch Blast damage potential (thanks to Quickened Spell) but they gain access to an even more powerful series of opening strikes. 

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