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Want To Work Out at Home? This $13 Exercise Ball Can Hold 700 Pounds

Shoppers love this pilates ball for its great quality. Check out some of the customer reviews.

Live Infinitely 9 Inch Barre Pilates Ball Reviews

A shopper declared, “The best I have found. I have had this ball for 2.5 years now and use it regularly. It stays fully inflated (easily weeks between needing to add any air), is durable, and has the right texture for Pilates workouts – not too slippery and not too sticky. The mesh bag also makes for convenient storage and keeps the pump handy.”

Another shared, “Everything you need for a great price. I was really pleasantly surprised by this purchase. The ball is of great quality (comparable to the ones I have used at my local fitness studio) and came with all of the necessary accessories: a pump and needle, instructions, a spare stopper, and a storage bag. Great for at home workers and also as an added support between your lower back and a chair!”

Someone explained, “I purchased the ball in this listing and I’m happy to report that after several weeks of use, this ball has stayed inflated. It works perfectly, was easy to inflate, and is also the same size as the listing says it is. I have it fully inflated, and it’s still squishy enough to do the moves properly, and the texture on the outside is awesome, too! It hasn’t slipped out once. I’m glad I paid a bit more to get a better product. Don’t waste your money buying a cheaper ball – pay a bit more and get the better quality!”

A reviewer raved, “I am so impressed with the quality of this item. My dietician plans to order one as well. The material is like a non slip type of material and it comes with a pump. It’s easy to inflate and super durable. I genuinely appreciate such a superior product at such a reasonable price.”

“Love that this ball has held its air after several workouts and stretching. Love the color! No issues with it after several weeks of active use,” a shopper wrote.

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