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A Surprising Below Deck Alum Just Joined Down Under

For João, he admitted to treating his former Med crewmates badly. “Take me back to five years ago, you’d hate me,” he noted in a confessional, adding he hopes his new co-workers will give him a “second chance.” 

However, later in the episode, João privately criticized Deckhands Harry Van Vliet and Culver Bradbury‘s lack of professionalism after they engaged in a playful chicken fight with two charter guests on the beach.

“This is crazy,” João stated in his confessional. “In super-yachting, it’s a guest experience, it’s not a guest and crew experience. And there’s a difference between professionalism and actually trying to be a guest on the boat. That’s obviously the precedent the previous person set. I’m here to change that.”

And the feeling was mutual, as Culver later admitted he thought his new boss needed to “lighten up,” while Harry became “ticked off” by João’s work style.

“Some people lead by example,” Harry explained in a confessional. “They like to be seen doing the job to get the job done, but João just seems to like delegating.”

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