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Super Gaming’s Indus Battle Royale: What to know before playing | Technology News

As smartphones got more affordable and the wider availability of 4G mobile internet, India witnessed a surge in online gaming, and titles like PUBG and Fortnite received a lot of traction with their battle royale style. Since then, there have been many similar games available for smartphone gamers, while some of them have been customised for the Indian market, most of them are made outside India, and Indus is all set to change this landscape with its maiden battle royale title — Indus.

SuperGaming, the studio behind Indus Battle Royale is backed by industry veterans like Bandai Namco, Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fun, Skycatcher, and more. Back in 2022, the studio officially announced the project Indus, a battle royale-style cross-platform video game, made for PCs, smartphones, and consoles.

The studio is based out of Pune and is known for producing video games like MaskGun, a free-to-play shooter game that clocked over 65 million players since its inception in 2019.

Indus Battle Royale is said to be based on Indian civilisation with various characters directly derived from Hindu Mythology. The game is set in a futurist India with an Indus Valley civilisation background by blending the past and the future in a tasteful way. The game is built on top of the Unity gaming engine with a custom sandbox stack layer of the Indus Engine.

Some of the prominent characters names, which belong to a race called Yaksha in the Indus Battle Royale include Rana, Sir Taj, Arya, and Adya. These characters are called Mythwalker who work as a hired gun for ‘COVEN’ in the world of Indus. The game also has a lot of futurist weapons such as Vantage, a spiner rifle, an A27 Locust, an SFR-4, a high-damage output rifle, and more.

The map on Indus is called Virlok, and it’s a free-to-play video game on all the platforms. However, like most modern video games, Indus will also have in-game purchases such as skins, weapons, and more. According to the company, most Android and iOS smartphones should be able to run the game without any issues.

At launch, Indus will offer a first-person perspective (FFP), and the studio has a plan to add a third-person perspective (TPF) in the coming days.

SuperGaming aims to launch Indus Battle Royale by the festive season of 2023, and the company recently opened its game for pre-registration and received over 5 million applications. The studio also released a cinematic trailer, highlighting several aspects of the video game and showcasing the graphics prowess of the game.

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