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Where You Can Watch Suits Season 9

But even though Netflix has given more people a chance to find Suits, the streaming service oddly doesn’t have the final season in its catalog. While there’s no definitive answer thus far on why season 9 isn’t on Netflix, here’s what we know about where you can finish your Suits binge.

Why Isn’t Suits Season 9 on Netflix?

Because Netflix advertised that the complete series would be available to stream starting June 17, viewers have been surprised to discover that Netflix only has the first eight seasons. There has been no official statement from Netflix explaining why season 9 is mysteriously missing and it’s hard to find a straight answer elsewhere.

It seems likely that there’s some kind of licensing agreement preventing Netflix from streaming the whole series, but even as an executive producer, Klein knows “nothing about the deal” and assumes that season 9 will arrive on the streamer at some point. Thankfully though, season 9 of Suits is currently available to watch on other streaming services so you don’t have to worry about an incomplete binge if you’d rather not wait on Netflix.

Where to Watch Suits Season 9

Peacock is currently the only streaming service that has all nine seasons of Suits available for subscribers. This makes sense given that the show first aired on USA Network, one of NBC Universal’s broadcast channels. However, Netflix is still the only service that has the extended 81 minute pilot versus the original 72 minute version that’s on Peacock.

Season 9 of Suits is also available to watch with an Amazon Prime subscription, though it’s the only season included in Prime Video as part of the subscription cost. Seasons 1-8 are technically available to stream as well, but you have to buy the seasons in order to watch them through Amazon.

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