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Woman Awarded $1.2 Billion After Ex Shared Intimate Images Online

A Texas woman was awarded a billion-dollar settlement one year after filing a harassment lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend.

A Harris County state district court jury awarded the woman, identified as Jane Doe in court documents, $1.2 billion after her former partner Marques Jamal Jackson was accused of breaching her personal and work computer accounts, impersonating her in fraudulent financial activity, and posting intimate images and videos of her online, according to an Aug. 11 press release shared by her attorneys.

Jackson, per her lawyers, has been ordered to pay Jane Doe $1 billion in exemplary damages and $200 million in compensatory damages for past and future mental anguish.

Jane Doe’s lawyers stated that the jury saw evidence that Jackson’s alleged actions occurred “with the intent to embarrass, harass, torment, humiliate, and publicly shame” her after their 2020 split.

According to the April 2022 lawsuit obtained by E! News Aug. 16, the woman, also listed in court docs under the initials D.L., and Jackson began dating in 2016 until their “long and drawn out” breakup four years later.

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