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Doja Cat Reacts to Mass of Fans Unfollowing Her

Doja Cat is fine without so much attention.

In fact, the “Woman” rapper shared that she feels “free” after reportedly losing 180,000 Instagram followers due to the stinging remarks she directed toward her fanbase late July.

“Seeing all these people unfollow makes me feel like I’ve defeated a large beast that’s been holding me down for so long,” Doja wrote on her Instagram Story Aug. 16, “and it feels like I can reconnect with the people who really matter and love me for who I am and not for who I was.”

The mass unfollowing came after the “Say So” singer told her fans to “get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house” when social media users were debating if their fanbase name should be Kitten or Kittenz, according to Threads screenshots obtained from the interaction.

In response, one fan asked Doja if she could reassure the fandom that she still loved them, writing, “I wanna hear you say (I do love you guys) As usual you say to your fans.” However, the Grammy winner didn’t mince her words, firing back, “i don’t though cuz i don’t even know y’all.”

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