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DWTS’ Emma Slater Shares Reason Behind Sasha Farber Divorce

Emma Slater and Sasha Farber may have had their last dance as a married couple, but there’s still no love lost between the Dancing With the Stars pros.

In fact, the toughest part of their breakup was that “the love actually didn’t go” away, according to Emma, who filed for divorce in February after four years of marriage.

So, what went wrong? “It’s really the kid thing,” she explained on the Aug. 15 of the Viall Files podcast. “It’s interesting because I do want to have kids, I just don’t want to delay Sasha’s path in having kids because I know that he is ready for that. I don’t want to talk about him too much because that’s really for him to say, but it’s about kids.”

Sharing that she’s still currently figuring out when’s the right time to start a family, the 34-year-old recalled feeling a “resistance in life” toward the end of her relationship with Farber.

“So, that’s been the real friction and the real hard part,” she said. “It had nothing to do with him. He’s always been very much himself. It’s me that’s found it difficult to understand why I’m feeling different.”

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