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  • Sega says Hyenas has been a ‘challenging’ title and it’s adjusting its business model

Sega says Hyenas has been a ‘challenging’ title and it’s adjusting its business model

Sega has described Hyenas as a “challenging” title and said it’s adjusting the “major” game’s business model ahead of its release.

Announced last June, Hyenas is a robbery and extraction multiplayer shooter. It’s in development at Creative Assembly and is scheduled for release this year on PC, Mac, current and last-gen consoles.

At the time of its announcement, Creative Assembly said the game “won’t be free to play”.

Sega Sammy executives were asked if they could provide an update on the game, such as its business model and expected impact on earnings, during a Q&A session following the publication of the company’s quarterly earnings results this month.

“We are unable to talk about this title because the details have not yet been announced at this time,” they responded. “As this is a challenging title, we are striving to improve its quality towards the release on the front line of development. We are also making final adjustments to its business model in parallel.”

Sega released a new Hyenas gameplay trailer on Wednesday, when it also announced plans to hold a closed beta on PC.

Steam players can register now for a chance to access the beta, which will run from August 31 until September 11.

Hyenas will also be publicly available to play for the first time from August 23-27 at Gamescom in Cologne.

The game sees five teams of three battling AI and each other to steal pop culture memorabilia from expansive, themed spaceships with zero-g sections.