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Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions: Every Companion Ranked Worst to Best


3. Gale

To be honest, I was ready to give up on Gale. For as nice as it is to have a Wizard in your party during the early parts of Baldur’s Gate 3, growing a pure Wizard character over the course of the game takes time, patience, and a healthy supply of scrolls. Furthermore, Gale’s occasional need to consume magical items felt like it was going to be a burden in the early parts of the game when such items are comparatively rare. For that matter, I found Gale to be kind of dull as an overall character at first.

Spend a little time with Gale, though, and you’ll find that there is so much more to him than you may have thought. In some ways, I found that Gale’s story was often the more interesting version of what the game was trying to do with Wyll. Beyond Gale’s wickedly complicated relationship with a powerful figure, though, it’s his apparent desire to do good despite constantly seeking personal power that is so consistently engaging. You’re rarely entirely sure what to think of Gale, and that’s because Gale doesn’t seem entirely sure what to think of himself. 

If you can find a long-term Wizard build that looks for you, it’s definitely worth keeping Gale around to experience his full narrative journey. 


2. Karlach

As a Barbarian, Karlach is immediately one of the most valuable combat companions in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you didn’t roll a Barbarian yourself (or another powerful melee character), you’re going to love what this hard-hitting, tough-as-nails class can do for you as early as Level 3. 

For the most part, though, Karlach secures a spot near the top of this list due to her incredible personality. Though there is complexity and darkness in Karlach’s past (which you will learn more about if you decide to build your relationship with her), Karlach is often a breath of fresh joyful air compared to other early game characters that take a little more time to open up. Her lines are hilarious, and though she often tries to be morally righteous, she finds complete joy in the little pleasures of life such as combat, jokes, and uncomplicated sexual encounters. 

From beginning to end, Karlach is useful, fascinating to learn about, and a complete joy to have around you. She’s pretty hard to beat, though I think one character manages to do just that….

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