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Tencent is bringing back military FPS series Delta Force

Tencent is reviving the long dormant military first person shooter series Delta Force.

Now defunct Delta Force creator NovaLogic released nine series entries between 1998’s original and 2009’s Delta Force: Xtreme 2, but it went out of business in 2016, when its assets were acquired by THQ Nordic.

Tencent has released a teaser trailer for the new series entry, which is viewable below, ahead of a full reveal at Gamescom Opening Night Live on August 22.

In development at Tencent’s Timi Studio Group, Delta Force will be a cross-platform game for consoles, PC and mobile.

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Producer Shadow Guo told IGN that the game will feature a campaign mode based on the Ridley Scott movie Black Hawk Down, and a large-scale PvP multiplayer offering.

“Players will be able to experience authentic and thrilling battles from the celebrated movie,” he said. “Our team has extensively studied the movie and delved into the historical context respectfully. This dedicated research enabled us to recreate a truly authentic and immersive gaming experience that captures the essence of that monumental event.”

Guo added: “Our game designers chose to build an immersive multiplayer battleground that could accommodate even larger-scale PVP than the previous 32-player limit. To create a grand atmosphere of combat on ground, sea, and air, we designed a variety of methods for engagement and maps that integrate diverse terrain features such as vertical height differences and caves, as well as different vehicle routes.

“We also created unique, technologically advanced vehicles that players can use in the game, including assault vehicles, helicopters, armored vehicles, attack boats, terrain vehicles, jeeps, pickups, fighter jets, and drones. These vehicles add to the gameplay experience of large-scale PVP.”