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Salma Hayek Reveals Why She Had to Wear Men’s Suits in the ’90s

Salma Hayek may have unlimited access to the house of Gucci, but that hasn’t always been the case.

The Frida actress recently opened up about how in the early days of her career, it was difficult to find people who wanted to dress her. In fact, while attending one of her first major red carpet events, the 1996 Birdcage premiere, she had to get creative with her look.

Instead of slipping into a glitzy dress, she wore a men’s suit.

“I didn’t have any connections,” Salma told W magazine in an interview published Aug. 15. “The only connection I had was to somebody I knew at Hugo Boss, so I wore a man’s suit because no one else gave me anything to wear.”

The 56-year-old previously echoed similar sentiments, noting that designers passed on styling her due to being a relatively unknown actress. Plus, dressing a curvy woman during a time when “heroin chic” was en vogue also proved to be challenging.

“I’m Mexican,” she told Vogue India in August 2021. “I’m also very short, which doesn’t help with the weight and doesn’t help with the design. But you know, I was ingenious. I took chances.”

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