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  • A demo for a fan-made PS1-style Twin Peaks game is available on PC

A demo for a fan-made PS1-style Twin Peaks game is available on PC

A demo is now available for a fan-made Twin Peaks game designed to look like a PS1 title.

Twin Peaks: Into the Night is in development for PC, but a demo giving a taste of the game is currently available on its page.

Developed by two-man French studio Blue Rose Team, the game looks similar to the original Silent Hill on PS1, and follows the plot of the cult David Lynch TV series.

“Created as an homage to good old ’90s games classics, Twin Peaks: Into the Night is a fan game adaptation of the eponymous series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch,” the demo’s description reads.

“Have a taste of a new gameplay experience that will immerse you directly into the unique atmosphere of the show.”

In a separate message posted to Twitter, the pair writes: “As a quick reminder, this is a free fan game, made by a very small team of two on our free time. Please take this into consideration!

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“The project has been passed word to mouth a lot through internet, beyond what we had imagined. It makes things even more exciting for us, yet pretty terrifying at the same time. So, a huge thanks to everyone who will take the time to try the game out, and to everyone who has shared the project.

“This demo is intended to show you the direction we’re taking and we’ve put our hearts at it. We’re already working on next release, a little patience is required and it will come soon enough! We will of course keep in touch with your guys on our social networks to show the progress we’re making on the game.”

The only official Twin Peaks game ever made was Twin Peaks VR, which was released in 2019. An NES game was planned in 1991, but was abandoned in the early stages of development.