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Harmful to peace in country: Sharad Pawar on CBSE’s ‘Partition Horror Remembrance’ circular | Pune News

NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Sunday criticised the Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) decision to organise Partition-theme exhibitions at schools on August 14, which is being observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day since last year. He said that it’s harmful for peace in the country and for the upcoming generations to be exposed to the “horrendous and bloody history” of Partition.

He was speaking at a meet-up of NCP’s social media front in Pune.

“New generations of the country should be patriotic and should take along all the sections of the society. It should promote harmony in society. These things are kept in mind while providing education to young minds through educational institutions,” said Pawar.

However, said Pawar, he recently came to know of a circular issued by CBSE that asked schools to organise exhibitions on Partition to expose the students to the” bloody and horrendous riots” that happened in the country immediately after the independence in 1947.

“In 1947, the partition of India happened and communal riots happaned in India and in Pakistan in which thousands of people died. The history of Partition is horrific. If you read books, you get to know that the troublesome history of Partition is full of bloodshed. Hence, over the years attempts were made that the new generations shouldn’t be exposed to this idea and history of bloodshed. However, now the CBSE has brought out a circular instructing schools to observe ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day by organising exhibition on this theme,“ said Pawar.

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He wondered why the Union Government is promoting activities through schools that will sow strife in the young generations.

“When Hindu-Muslim riots happen, efforts are made to stop those. During communal violence, sometimes stringent measures are taken to stop the violence. But through this circular, it being said that the new generations which may not know about these riots, or may have forgotten about them, must be reminded of them,” said Pawar.

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He told social media volunteers of the party to attack such decisions of the government. “When you get to know about such circulars, you must attack them. Because, we don’t want communal riots in this country. We stand for unity and peace in this country. As politicians we will tackle that with other means too but as social media volunteers you must attack such government decisions so that the next time it will think twice before taking such decisions,” said Pawar.

Last year, the Union Government had announced that August 14 would be annually observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day, and that educational institutions may do likewise.

The CBSE circular mentions that given the sensitivity of the issue, the exhibition should be “showcased with the sobriety and solemnity it deserves”. “It may be specifically ensured that the sentiments of any section of the society are not to be hurt. It is reiterated the SOP should be strictly adhered to,” the circular states.

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