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Kylie Jenner Is Officially in Her Mom Jeans Era

Kylie Jenner‘s latest fashion moment proves there’s power in simplicity.

While The Kardashians star is known for pushing the boundaries with risqué dresses and over-the-top getups, she recently surprised her 300 million Instagram followers by wearing an unexpectedly low-key look in an Aug. 20 post.

That’s right, the 26-year-old swapped out her sexy style, wearing a flowy white blouse with lace embroidery and a pair of loose-fitted mom jeans. Her shockingly normal outfit also included layers of dainty gold-beaded bracelets, black flats and a woven straw tote bag.

As for Kylie’s glam? She opted for a subdued look, as she rocked an effortlessly wavy hairstyle and barely-there makeup that consisted of strawberry-colored cheeks and a pinkish-nude lip.

And her fans couldn’t help but gush over the simplicity of her ensemble in the comments section either. As one Instagram user wrote, “She looks so cute! No makeup and regular clothing—she actually looks so young and absolutely beautiful and adorable!”

Another person echoed similar sentiments, adding, “This is Kylie FINALLY looking like a normal girl and I think she is absolutely beautiful.”

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