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Bachelorette’s Charity Lawson Joining DWTS Season 32

Warning: The Bachelorette season finale spoilers below.

Charity Lawson is about to go from roses to rumbas.

The Bachelorette star will be competing on season 32 of Dancing With the Stars

The announcement was made during The Bachelorette season finale on Aug. 21 after it was revealed that Charity’s journey to find love ended with a proposal from Dotun Olubeko and breakup with now-Bachelor Joey Graziadei. In fact, her new fiancé was the one who got to break the DWTS news to her.

“All right, baby,” Dotun told Charity on The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose. “So I know you like to cut up, you like to dance and you like to get down. You know that we’ve talked about this—about how amazing this opportunity would be. And I am so happy to be the one to tell you that you’re gonna be on Dancing With the Stars! Baby, let’s go!”

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