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David Harbour Reveals Taylor Swift Left His Stepdaughter “Speechless”

David Harbour‘s stepdaughter is never ever getting over this sweet encounter. 

The Stranger Things actor recently recounted taking one of his stepdaughters—he shares Ethel, 11, and Marnie, 10 with his wife Lily Allen—to the Minneapolis stop on Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour, revealing there was one moment in particular that earned him major “brownie points” during the enchanted evening.

“I did say as we went in, ‘you know if there’s an opportunity to say hello…'” David told Josh Horowitz on the August 17 episode of the podcast Happy Sad Confused. “But I’m also very conscious, cause a lot of times people want to meet me and it can be very difficult, and they said she’s leaving on a plane right after this concert.”

He continued, “So then we sat there for about 30 minutes of the opener, and then a woman came out with a letter, and it was addressed to me and my stepdaughter. It was a handwritten letter on particular stationery. And I’ve never seen my daughter speechless.”

And in addition to the fairytale moment of receiving a handwritten letter from Taylor Swift, the “Midnights” artist even gave the duo a special shoutout during the show

“She did say in the letter, at one point I’ll give you a wave from the stage,” the 48-year-old continued. “And during the beginning of one of her numbers, she did turn to our little booth and like [he waved] and my daughter just like, you know.”

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