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Heidi Klum Reveals She Eats 900 Calories a Day

While the reality TV personality explained that her diet might seem extreme, it’s become second nature to her.

“In the beginning, I had to [be disciplined] and now I’m just so used to it,” she added. “There are so many choices, just pick the right things. Because then you don’t have the struggle.”

But just because Heidi sticks to a routine, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t bend the rules for special occasions. Last October, she celebrated an Instagram milestone by stripping down to her underwear and eating cake in bed—naturally, as one does.

“10 Million. Thank you !!!!!!!” she captioned the Oct. 16 post. “This Cake is for you, but I will eat it.”

She took a similar approach in November 2021, rocking a sexy floral lingerie set and holding a plate of pie while lying in bed. 

“Oh! My!” she cheekily wrote at the time. “Yummy Pie!”

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