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Peripheral maker PDP announces a new line of controllers with figurines inside them

Gaming peripheral maker PDP has announced a new line of controllers that have figurines encased inside them.

The REALMz controllers will be released for Switch and Xbox, and contain transparent shells which make it possible to see the “unique multi-layer design” inside the controller.

Each controller will include an image of a classic scene from a particular IP, and will also include an actual figurine of a character embedded in one of the controller’s handle grips, as well as LED lighting effects.

The first line of controllers will be available for pre-order on August 25 and will consist of various Sonic the Hedgehog designs – one with a Sonic figure embedded, one with a Tails figure and one with a Knuckles one.

PDP says these will be followed by a Transformers design on October 13 with an Optimus Prime figure embedded in the controller, and a Pikmin one this winter with a red Pikmin embedded.

The REALMz line will also include a range of wired headsets, starting with a Sonic-branded headset with a figure of Sonic running embedded into one of the ears.

The Sonic controllers will be released in the following formats and prices (European and UK release and price have yet to be confirmed):

  • REALMz Wired Controller (Switch) – $39.99 (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles)
  • REALMz Wireless Controller (Switch) – $59.99 (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles)
  • REALMz Wired Controller (Xbox) – $49.99 (Sonic dark blue design)
  • REALMz Wired Headset (Switch) – $39.99 (Sonic)

“The REALMz controller and headset line is the perfect crossover, blending the line between gaming and collectability,” PDP said in a statement.

“REALMz is the latest release in PDP’s long history of figurines in the gaming space, including previous partnerships to design and manufacture the Disney Infinity figurines.”