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Ahsoka Just Brought Back Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Scariest Enemies

However, this changes after Ventress recruits her sisters to help enact revenge on Count Dooku during the Clone Wars. When their plan ultimately fails, Darth Sidious realizes that the Nightsisters pose a threat to his plan to create a Galactic Empire and orders Dooku and General Grievous to mount an attack on Dathomir to wipe out Ventress and her sisters. While Ventress and a few others survive the attack, most of her sisters aren’t so lucky, and the Nightsisters are effectively wiped out.

As with Order 66 though, each survivor deals with the trauma of losing their people in a different way. Like the Jedi, the few surviving Nightsisters have scattered themselves throughout the galaxy, taking different paths forward to keep themselves safe. In the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Fallen Order video games, the young Jedi Cal Kestis meets Nightsister Merrin on Dathomir. Even though she attacks him at first trying to protect what’s left of her home, Merrin ultimately joins his small rebel crew, helping them fight against the Empire that massacred both of their people. But this clearly wasn’t the case for Elsbeth.

Instead, Elsbeth became just as formidable and violent as those who massacred the Nightsisters, plundering planets for their resources in the name of the Empire. But now that her connection to the Nightsisters has been revealed, it’s hard not to wonder if she’s really interested in helping Thrawn return or if she’s just using him as an excuse to assert power over a new galaxy, or perhaps even find more of her sisters to regain their strength as a people.

The Nighsisters seem to have known about this other galaxy for centuries given that they’ve built temples to hide and decipher the map that leads to it. It’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility that some of the surviving Nightsisters found their way to this galaxy, or that there have been some there this whole time. While many of the Nightsisters that have been introduced in canon thus far have been antagonistic and even outright villainous, not all of the Nightsisters are evil. Their witchy Force powers are certainly a fascinating addition to Ahsoka, and I for one can’t wait to see how Nightsister lore is further incorporated into the series. Here’s hoping we see a zombie or two before the season is done.

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