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MD Ayurveda admissions: Maharashtra students vying for seats file plea in HC against disqualification in state quota | Mumbai News

Maharashtrian students vying for a seat in MD Ayurveda in the state have filed a petition in Bombay High Court against the current practice of admission followed by the state ofr the masters course. Even as they are bonafide Maharashtra residents, students who completed BAMS (Ayurveda) in institutions outside the state are not eligible to apply for MD (masters) admissions on 85 per cent of seats covered under the state quota.

Complaining that it restricts their opportunities, aggrieved students are calling out the practice as unfair. These students can only apply under the All-India quota, which is only 15 per cent of the total seats. It has been a prevalent practice in Maharashtra, but a few students have now challenged it in Bombay High Court terming it as injustice toward them, especially considering that there are already only a few seats for the MD course.

A parent of an affected student who completed BAMS from Goa and is now seeking admission to MD in Ayurveda in Maharashtra, said, “There are only 1,121 seats for MD in Ayurveda in Maharashtra. Of these 15 per cent seats make for an even lesser number of seats, for which students from across India will compete. Whereas my son, despite being a Maharashtra student, will not be considered for admission under state quota. This is unfair.”

According to parents, the objective of the state quota is to provide privileges to students from the home state so that they continue to serve here. “Currently, students who have completed BAMS in Maharashtra are considered eligible for MD admissions under state quota. They are all not necessarily original Maharashtra residents. Such students will return to their home-state post MD, diluting the very objective of providing seats under state quota,” shared a parent.

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Candidates have complained that it also dilutes merit. “With a varying number of seats, a candidate of lesser merit is likely to get an MD seat under state quota whereas the All-India quota which has fewer seats will fill fast with students of higher merit,” said a candidate.

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According to information gathered by parents under Right To Information (RTI), over 840 seats were vacant in MD Ayurveda courses in the past five years cumulatively. These seats according to parents can be considered for admission to students having BAMS degree from outside of Maharashtra.

Affected students and their parents have been knocking at all possible doors to bring change. The issue was also raised in the monsoon Assembly session concluded recently. “However, after getting no positive response, we have filed a petition in Bombay High Court,” said a parent.

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