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No jeans, sports shoes, or slippers in office, orders Panchkula DC | Chandigarh News

“No jeans, sports shoes, trousers or slippers please, this is a government office.“ The Panchkula district administration officials received this terse message on a rainy Thursday afternoon. It came from none other than the new Panchkula Deputy Commissioner, Sushil Sarwan, soon after he took a round of his office in the morning.

Sarwan issued this directive to employees after he saw them wearing jeans and sports shoes in the office.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Sarwan explained, “I have just directed them verbally that they should dress formally. We all have a formal dress code and formal attire doesn’t include jeans, sports shoes, or slippers. So I have asked them to come to the office only after they are dressed formally. We are coming to attend the office and not any casual meet.”

He observed that many employees were not adhering to the formal dress code and were even wearing slippers to the office. To reinforce professionalism, he also mandated that all employees wear identity cards.

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Similarly, in Chandigarh, CEO of the Chandigarh Housing Board, Yashpal Garg, had previously issued a communication instructing officials to avoid wearing “fancy/casual attire while attending the office.” This order came after Garg encountered an employee jogging in casual clothing on the premises. The directive emphasized that casually dressed officials undermine public confidence and give the wrong impression of the organization.

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Garg’s communication urged all officers and officials to attend their duties in proper and decent formal attire. He also required senior officers to brief and educate their subordinates about adhering to this dress code.

Additionally, a day later, Garg extended the requirement to the health department, insisting that they also wear formal attire while performing their duties.

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