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Nvidia GeForce Now gets its first 19 Xbox Game Pass titles

The first batch of Xbox Game Pass titles arrives on Nvidia GeForce Now today.

The streaming service will now add an Xbox button to supported PC games, and GeForce Now subscribers will be able to launch them from any supported device, as long as they’ve either bought them on the Microsoft Store or are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass.

This will enable gamers to stream Xbox PC titles from GeForce Now to PCs, macOS, Chromebooks, smartphones and other devices.

A total of 19 Xbox games are being added to the service today. The games are as follows:

Nvidia GeForce Now – Xbox Game Pass Titles

Also added to the GeForce Now service this week are WrestleQuest, Jumplight Odyssey, Blasphemous 2, Ride 5, Doom (2016) and Trackmania. These aren’t part of the Xbox Game Pass collaboration, however, and require Steam purchases to stream instead.

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Microsoft announced back in February that it planned to bring its PC games to Nvidia GeForce Now.

The deal will also see Activision Blizzard games like Call of Duty released on Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, should Microsoft’s bid to acquire the World of Warcraft publisher be approved by regulators.

Although Microsoft announced earlier this week that it will be selling the cloud streaming rights for Activision Blizzard games to Ubisoft should the acquisition be completed, it says its existing agreements with streaming services like Nvidia GeForce Now will still be honoured.